Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The New Macbook Air

About few hours ago, I watched The live report from Macworld Expo and Steve Jobs officially launched the Macbook Air.

There were 4 things that Steve Jobs Officially Launched. First is the the new Time Capsule. It will accompany your Time Machine Features on your Leopard to backup files wirelessly

Second is some new features that added to iPhone and iPod touch. I'm so happy that my iPod touch has in the body so I can organize my email from whereever I want. And there is on my iPod. Unfortunately I have to pay about $20 for that update while iphone is free.. So sad to hear that. It need new version of iTunes to update that.

Third is Apple launched iTunes Movie Rentals. I think it is so crazy that we can rent a film online. But I still thinking how Apple secure their connection and make sure that no one can break the rules about renting.

The fourth is the most exciting things. "There is something In the air" That's the slogan. And It is true. The New Macbook Air was designed like a paper. It is the world's thinnest notebook. Steve Jobs calls it "The wireless machine". It's true because with Time capsule, you can backup your file wirelessly, With iTunes Movie Rental, you can watch movies wirelessly (By using internet), and so on. Make sure you check the technical Specs here.

With these 4 of new release of "Apple Things", Apple make a leap change in how we watch movie, creating document in the notebook that like a piece of paper, and so on.

I really consider all Apple things to furnished my own house someday because it's really integrating between one and another. It's so cool.



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