Thursday, January 10, 2008

Finder Sidebar Separators

Here's a nifty idea to organize your finder sidebar. Since there are not any separators supported by finder, one man created This creative finder separators to keep your Finder sidebar look tidy. The idea of this separators is creating some fake applications whose icons are transparent and whose names consist of line characters. You can then drag and drop these on the sidebar to give the desired effect.

This trick will keep your finder sidebar visually tidy. The package contains some separators and Apple script that will open your terminal at the location of folder you dropped on it


bob0n~sTe.. said...

obed.. how to make the icon transparent?

btw apa2an nih moderasi komentar..?

Robert said...

Hello ste..
First, you can make some gif file from photoshop that transparent and then convert it into icon by using fasticon. Search it because it's free.

Or the easiest way is you can download the zip file from link on my written one. That zip includes the things you need to keep your desktop nice and tidy as well..