Monday, August 13, 2007

Live from CeBiT 2007, next one we spot a stand that hold Halo 3 competition. The winner will get 1GB USB Drive. And of course the main things that you want in order to play games like Halo3, Command and Conquer is the best PCU. ALTECH computers present NRG’s Mist Extreme System that was built for speed performance and for gamers. NRG’s Mist Extreme features the latest air cooling technology to control the temperature of your PC. NRG’s Mist Extreme sports Intel Core 2 Quad Core extreme processor QX6700, 2GB corsair DDR2 RAM, 2 NVDIA 8800GTX video cards in SLI mode with over 1Gb video memory, 4X250GB SATAII RAID 0 up to 293Mbps storage. With all these features, you will get addicted in it and of course the things that interest me is the ALTECH babes. Check it out!

Special thank's for latest gadgt again

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